Advisory service on clinical study plans

Sequencing of the human genome at the turn of the 21st century set in motion the transformation of personalized medicine from an idea to a practice. Rapid developments in genomics, together with advances in a number of other areas, such as computational biology, medical imaging, and regenerative medicine, are creating the possibility for scientists to develop tools to truly personalize diagnosis and treatment.
Despite extraordinary advances that have been made to date in medical fields, there is still a long way to understanding, why different individuals experience disease or respond to treatment differently (see Figure 1).

Our consultancy focus is on

More diverse bioanalytical data required for personalized therapeutic concepts.

the collection of drug concentration data with the purpose of calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters

titers of anti-drug-antibodies (ADAs) with the purpose of assessment of the neutralizing potential of ADAs

any potency or response to treatment measures (functional assays)

biomarkers to characterize the patient (DNA, RNA, pharmacogenomics) to understand how differences in genes and their expression affect the body´s response to medication or more specifically, for purposes of explaining interindividual differences in pharmacokinetics and physiological drug response, identifying responders from non-responders to a drug, and predicting the efficacy and/or toxicity of a drug.

Thereby, we help paving the way for providing the right treatment to the right patient, at the right dose at the right time.


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