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Ando supports PROvendis GmbH in advancing the commercialisation of a new treatment concept for viral infections

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PROvendis GmbH is a patent licensing agency for the universities of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

 CEACAM1 was identified to play an important role in CD8+ T cell activation following viral infection. Anti-human CEACAM1-mIgG1 antibodies activated CD8+ T cells from in vitro infected healthy human PBMCs upon restimulation with viral antigen and induced CD8+ T cell proliferation in infected transgenic mice [V. Khairnar et. al.: ”CEACAM1 in CD8+ T cells improves antivial CD8+ T cell responses and prevents chronic viral infection.”, publication in preparation].

PROvendis will support fund-raising to finance further activities with the pupose of increasing the value of the project to third parties. Ando carefully reviewed the provided documents and identified the most valuable next development steps. PROvendis was pleased by Ando´s clearly laid out and concise recommendations.

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